Voice Transformation

My program Voice Transformation is about the essential radiance of your personality.
The essence of your personality is your voice.

In the pure existence as a human being and in all our activities in the online as well as live context we often forget that the voice is the most important vehicle for all our relationships. Our professional as well as private competence (coaching, consulting, online business, yoga business, company management, private relationship context, etc.) falls and rises with the vocal quality of our communication. No matter in which field we are, the "how-communication" through the sound of the voice is in the end what moves people. And that's where I start.

Transform Your
Inner Gold

It's about your emotional intelligence and your voice-body energetics. The voice sounds through our entire body and through the quality of being with which we integrate our body energetics, we transform not only ourselves, but also our entire environment. To illuminate the voice on all levels, to nourish it with daily impulses so that it brings the uniqueness of your personality to shine, is the goal of transformation. Our voice reflects our subconscious, the degree of our inner freedom and our blockages that want to be released. For such a path it needs a protected space, which I open for you lovingly and competently.

„Voice transformation means to embody the sonorous gold of your inner truth on all levels of your being.“
Rebekka Bigelmayr

At a certain point in personality development, the voice wants to experience liberation and transformation. Right now, our sound is becoming more and more important in both online and private contexts. In times of clubhouse rooms, online meetings and physical distance, the "how" of the voice plays a crucial role and the more aware we become of the voice, the more intimate all our relationships will be able to develop. My work is about vocal authenticity, quality, truthfulness and emotional depth on a holistic level.

Only when inner fullness and truth resounds through the essence of the voice can life unfold in a multi-layered and profound way.

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