For 13 years I have been accompanying people of different ages on the path to their inner truth, competence, voice and body transformation. My 28 years of stage experience first as a dancer and actress led me to the profession of professional singer and educator. The following life experiences and trainings accompany me constantly and flow into my current work as a mentor and coach.

Since Jan. 2024 Education programm in Bewegungsevolution® (Movement Evolution) in infancy with Martina Kunstwald, Bremen
Since Febr. 2023 Advanced training in Bewegungsevolution® (Movement Evolution) in infancy with Martina Kunstwald, Bremen
2021 Somatic Breath Work / 5 Rythms Retreat / Odenwald
2020/21 Coaching - and Healer Training with Djamila Metiche / Consciousness Workshop Cologne
2020/21 Self experience energy work
2020/21 Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga with Birgit Schneider / Bad Tölz
Seit 2020 Bowspring Yoga with Smiljana Primorac / Bol / Croatia
2020/21 Women Pleasure Empowerment with Jennifer Lukas / Bremen
Seit 2020 Work with the Franklin Method / Susanne Fromme / Bonn, Stuttgart
2020/21 YinYoga with Jessica Rose / Munich
2020/21 Concert examination in voice with Prof. Angelika Luz / Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts
2020 Master's degree in vocal pedagogy / Detmold University of Music
2019/2020 Research project (over 3 months) "Personality development based on sensory voice and body education with seniors"
2019/2020 Teaching position for voice / Detmold University of Music
2019-2021 Shamanic trance dance with Christian Leip / Frankfurt am Main
2019 Masterclass Alexander Technique with Robert Britton / San Francisco, Detmold University of Music
2019 Masterclass Alexander Technique with Jessica Wolf / New York, Detmold University of Music
2018/19 Voice teacher / teacher training / Waldorf Association Dortmund
2012-2020 Kundalini Yoga with Dorothea Geipel / Detmold
2015-2019 Holistic Body Presence Training with Dorothea Geipel / Detmold
2015-2019 Sivananda Yoga / Center Maya Detmold
2012-2019 Work with the Alexander Technique with Annette Brockgreitens / Bad Salzuflen
2011-2019 Self-experience in biodynamic body psychotherapy/trauma therapy with Mathea Stern / Munich
2017 Artistic bachelor degree in opera/concert / Detmold University of Music
2012-2015 Work with the Feldenkrais Method with Vincent Lévesque / Detmold
2010-2021 Vocal training Bel Canto with Susanne Winter / Munich
2009-2012 Work with the "Linklater Voice - Technique" with Nicola Tiggeler / Munich
Since 2008 Self-experience in osteopathy with Barbara Kaiser / Munich
2009 Abitur examination in the subject piano / Music Theresia- Gerhardinger-Gymnasium, Munich
1998-2009 Private piano lessons with Alexander Osthelder and Thomas Krehahn, Munich
1994-2012 External dance training at the Royal Academy of Dance/London
1994-2000 Performance gymnastics TUS Munich-Obermenzing
1990 *born in Munich/Germany