1:1 Mentoring

In my offer you will find two different mentoring programs. If you choose a mentoring, all aspects can be combined and flow into each other. It's all about your individual process so that you can transform yourself on a holistic and profound level. Each mentoring includes 13 settings over three to six months. Comprehensive support beyond the settings, are part of the program.

Enjoy discovering my tools.

Soul Embodiment

For three to six months, we will free your body-soul-system. Conscious Breathing through your breath type, Body Presence, Sensory Training, Somatic Movement and much more that you need for your transformation are part of the settings.

At the beginning we will dive into the needs of your body and your inner truth to find out what is inside you and which areas are longing for change. Through specific settings for your individuality, new neural networks can be formed in the nervous system, old experiences can be released and nourishing impulses can be integrated.

I open a space for you to release old, unconscious patterns so that your true potential can shine in full bloom in every cell of your body. The holistic and loving attention to your body gives you a profound inner balance and a crystal clear alignment.

For this highly individual approach, the following tools are waiting for you, among others:

  • Body Grounding
  • Body Manifestation
  • Breath Transformation through breath types
  • Psycho-energetic relationship to your body
  • Energetic Presence of your system
  • Space Presence
  • Human Design Embodiment
  • Sense Training
  • Body Intelligence
  • Foot Transformation
  • Somatic Voice Liberation
  • Inner Child Body Healing
  • Femininity / Masculinity
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

My Soul-Embodiment Program offers you the possibility to experience yourself in a new way and to let your true essence shine on all levels of your being.

Do you have questions about my tools? Then feel free to come in for a free call.

I am looking forward to meeting you.
Cordially, Rebekka

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Voice Transformation

My program Voice-Transformation is about the essential radiance of your personality. I will open a safe and nurturing space for you, where together we will build your voice individually and at its pace. Awareness of the blockages and neural patterns behind your voice are the basis for the nervous system to grasp all levels of your being. Fundamental to this is releasing impatience, quick result orientation and stress and transforming them into clear expression, soft strength and a loving powerful voice sound.

According to the Human Design System and the Breath Types, each person is energetically uniquely structured. In order to truly unfold powerfully, each client requires a unique approach. For this highly individual approach I integrate the following tools:

  • Linklater-Voice Technique
  • Psycho-energetic relationship to your voice
  • Voice-Body-Space-Energetics
  • Breath Types
  • Human Design Voice Embodiment
  • Yin and Yang in the voice
  • Senses-sounds
  • Somatic Voice-liberation
  • Authentic Presence Training

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to come in for a free call.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey through your individual Voice Transformation.

Cordially, Rebekka

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