"Under the motto "Schubert and his Mysticism" the young musicians conquered ears and hearts...sometimes with dark, penetrating, sometimes with sparkling mezzo-soprano Schubert's songs sounded...The singer demonstrated her dynamic creative power and unfolded her expressiveness and passion...outshining everything..."
Westfälischer Anzeiger

"First place went to mezzo-soprano Rebekka Bigelmayr, who convinced with a twenty-minute performance of Luciano Berio's "Sequenza III per voce femminile". She showed both the colourful spectrum of her voice and her acting skills, which she combined on stage in dialogue with a video to create a breathtaking performance."
Focus online

"In harmonious balance the singers found each other, captivated by their soulful singing and fine dynamic nuances."
Dr. Silvana Keyer, Neue Westfälische

"...Rebekka Bigelmayr and Irina Trutneva enchant the evening as grand winged angels..."
Horst Dichan, Opernnetz

"...the soloists were completely convincing. Rebekka Bigelmayr and Georg Gädker created their parts expressively, with clear tone, beautiful timbre, sympathetic sound and expression and urgency."
Rudolf Rolli, Badische Neueste Nachrichten

"Rebekka Bigelmayr convinces with the staging of her unusual Bachelor examination. Deeply profound as well as original [...] vocally rousing and dancingly impressive [...] Between the songs, sentences like "Mein Leid erklang wie ein gehauchtes Wort" fill the hall and bring the audience the pleasure of subtle prose [...] a moving atmosphere.“
Eko, Lippische Landeszeitung

Audience comments on "Between Heaven and Earth" at Theater Bielefeld, (Scala - Stage), April 2016,