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Especially in times of crisis, the question of what is really important to us and what allows our personality to grow and strengthen is always asked. For many, this is singing.

My work includes learning the natural coordination of breath and voice. The balance of a reflectorically organized breath on the one hand and a freely swinging larynx on the other hand, allows the performer to experience the quality of unstrained singing. The ability to sing "legato" in all registers without breath disturbance is one of the basic principles of Milan's Bel Canto. By immersing ourselves in the world of "organized" rather than "controlled" singing, the voice can work undisturbed. Topics like stage fright, nervousness in the breath or fear of the "height" become less or disappear in the course of time. This is where I start with specific exercises that involve all muscle parts of the body and thus not only train the voice. By consciously standing, perceiving and breathing, unconscious mechanisms are illuminated and processed.

My goal is to convey a singing that functions free of manipulation and auxiliary compensation such as frowning, unnecessarily large movements with the mouth or a "firm support" of the rib arches. From now eight years of experience in working with all age groups, I could observe again and again that the students experienced an effect of "relaxed singing", which many had previously thought unknown or impossible.

Over many years I have also recognized, developed and refined this effect on myself. My studies began with the American voice and speech training of "Christin Linklater", which I learned from Nicola Tiggeler in Munich. Then I built up my vocal training with the Milan Bel Canto with Susanne Winter, also in Munich. My further path led me to the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold, where I completed my studies with Prof. Gerhild Romberger and Eeva Tenkanen in the subject Opera/Concerts. Currently I am expanding my education by studying voice pedagogy, also in Detmold. My lifelong experience in ballet, contemporary dance and acting gave me a clear ability to work with the body and its presence on stage. The intensive, long lasting examination of the "Alexander Technique", the "Feldenkrais Method" and the "Kundalini Yoga", allows me to work holistically with the complex of voice, breath and body.

After completing a master's degree in vocal pedagogy, I have been living in Stuttgart, Germany since June 2020 and am studying for my concert exam with Prof. Angelika Luz at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts.