Senses-retreats Online

Also online you can discover your senses with me.

Especially in times of crisis the question of the meaning of our being arises again and again. Our "self-awareness" is of great importance in this context. For such times I have developed a voice-body-concept, which opens up an individual space for the development of your voice and body with the respective conditions. We explore together and yet each of us in our own four walls our senses in relation to body, breath and voice. Free sequences of movement create space for a subtle and liberated body feeling. Improvisations with the voice and the sound of the breath give the personality of each individual limitless space for development. It is about a "meaningful" examination of one's own potentials, which are brought to blossom through an experience of boundless expressiveness.

Also online, your soul can be brought back to radiance and fulfilled in an intimate way.

Dare to dive into unknown territory and let your creativity run free. Experience an intensive feeling and perception of your true and "personal" expression...far away from evaluation and performance.

No previous knowledge of dance, singing or voice training is necessary.

I am looking forward to you!


Rebekka Bigelmayr